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Brand and Business Architecture, Go-To-Market Strategy,  Business Growth Planning,
RFP Response Lead/Support, Partnerships/Alliances, Networked Introductions

Open to Embedded Roles

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I am a results-focused strategic marketing and business growth leader with over 20 years of experience. I have deep expertise in the technology, financial services and healthcare sectors, working with a variety of brands, ranging from startups to global powers including Bank of America, T-Mobile, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente and AAA.

I can add tangible value to your organization by:

• Crafting a brand and business architecture to succinctly communicate your value proposition and points of difference.

Developing go-to-market strategies to drive business growth.
• Leading or consulting on RFP Responses.

• Identifying, negotiating and launching effective strategic partnerships/alliances.

• Facilitating outreach to contacts in my network to drive revenue and garner insights.

• Synthesizing data, trends and observed outcomes to communicate actionable insight.

• Serving as an embedded team leader to drive strategy, marketing and/or business growth functions for early stage companies.


Services Selection

I provide a variety of services to support your firm's business and brand growth.

Let's connect for a free 30 minute consultation to determine how I can best serve you.

Brand Building

Develop a brand hierarchy and clearly defined role for each offering in your portfolio.

Partnership Development

Identify, negotiate and launch strategic partnerships and alliances that drive your business and brand

RFP Support

I can play a leadership or consultative role throughout the RFP creation/issue/evaluation or response process


I have been fortunate throughout my career to work with and learn from a wide variety of organizations ranging from Fortune 20 brands to cutting edge startups.

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"Evan is a servant leader who has enjoyed a successful career through his strategic balance of prioritizing business growth and client-centric deliverables. He promotes data-driven insights and diversity of thought through collaboration. He understands how to manage through change & uncertainty, and approaches every situation with a growth mindset."

Joe Smith - SVP, Head of Sponsorship & Regional Marketing at Truist


"Evan is an innovative strategic thought leader who pushes boundaries to achieve consumer impact while keeping a firm eye on the enduring business fundamentals that drive bottom-line results. He's also a highly effective communicator who can rapidly and effectively synthesize emerging ideas and concepts into compelling business presentations that play exceedingly well in front of senior decision-makers. The result is provocative recommendations that business leaders can rapidly implement to drive measurable impact."

Tim Considine, VP, Aardvark Mobile Tours and Mobile Health


"Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with Evan as a manager that was both a mentor and champion. While Evan excels from the business side of leading work and clients, with an incredible memory and ability to drive business goals, he also makes his team feel that managing them and their career growth is just as important. Through real-time feedback, transparency, and advocacy for his team as he championed for their career, he always provided a well-rounded management style. Even after no longer working together, he continues to keep in touch and allot time in his calendar to talk and provide mentorship and career guidance when needed."

Kyle Grudis, VP, GMR Marketing


Greater Boston, MA, USA


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